The Coral Reef Online

The Coral Reef Online

We bought our first salt water aquarium in 2007 without knowing anything about the hobby, we were promised a beautiful in-wall 125 gallon reef tank by a local so called "expert" to say the least and to stay away from the negative experience lets just say that things were not done as promised and that the only expectation that was accomplished was the huge expense.

This experience and in retrospect pride forced us to submerge into what look like an endless pool of contradicting and confusing information regarding water quality, lighting, filtration and livestock. Animals died and the bank account suffered and all we would hear is "there must be something wrong with your water."

My wife and I would look at each other and stare in disbelief, always thinking that there had to be a better approach to the hobby an approach that would be helpful and transparent one that would provide reasonable pricing and information that could minimize the loss of livestock once it was introduced in the home environment.

With a strong belief that we could produce a different experience we purchased The Coral Reef on February of 2008 and have strived daily in providing the hobbyist with the best shopping experience possible, reasonable pricing and sound advice.

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